Licensing Opportunities




Licensing Opportunities

As the owner of the rights in the names, characters, and brands associated with the late professional wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage, we offer official licenses to purveyors of goods and services using his names and likenesses.

These include such character names, nicknames and ring names as Randy Savage, Macho Man, and Macho King, together with all likenesses, personalities, caricatures, signatures, identifiable moves and holds, costumes, props, gimmicks, gestures, routines, sayings and themes associated with him. In an effort to develop, promote and maintain a positive brand image for Randy Savage, we offer official licenses to qualified purveyors of merchandise such as:

Action Figures
Digitally enabled action figures
Plush toys
Consumer electronics, headphones, ear buds, MP3 players
Accessories, including bags, backpacks, jewelry, watches
Trading cards
Party goods
Stickers and decals
Back to school products, including notebooks, folders, binders
Greeting Cards
Calendars and diaries
Food and confections
Framed photographs
Glassware and barware
Comic books and activity books
DVDs and home videos
Other appropriate products

If you are interested in licensing opportunities with us, please
contact us at or call 954-648-6050.